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This song became the 1 hit in the United States, which was a first for a black, stilo girls singing group. At its core the poem reflects the uncertainty of passion and love. Will it endure for the long term, will it remain steadfast tomorrow and beyond?

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Later on in Deuteronomy One of stilll purposes of this law is to enable the newly married couple to demonstrate their devotion to one another, to assure the other that this is forever, to build the trust necessary for the Welli still love you of a solid and enduring relationship. Not just one year. We are still there for each other tomorrow.

Moses did not complete the journey with the people he spent 40 years leading. His fate was sealed along with the fate of the generation of the Wdlli, to live out his life in the wilderness.

In the very first chapter of the book Moses ztill up the episode of the spies, recalling how the people all clamored for a scouting mission before they progressed to the land.

Instead their children, who had Welli still love you the maturity to be accountable for such despair, would enter the land.

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Now, Welli still love you the end of 40 years, things were different. The people believed what we now know, having read the epilogue in the book of Joshua and the subsequent prophets. They would proceed across the Jordan.

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They no longer questioned as the previous generation had. What changed? What did 40 years of wandering do for them?

How did they gain confidence in… tomorrow? One obvious change is that the people living at that time either did not Welli still love you the slavery and oppression of Egypt, or they were child survivors, not impacted as severely by their past.

The spirits of their parents and grandparents had been broken, they were psychologically impaired, unable to trust their future. The second generation, the children of the survivors, could contend with the new independence awaiting them across the Jordan. They had learned to trust, they had faith that the Lord would not let them down.

We express in the last phrase that God is faithful, that God is reliable, that Welli still love you commitment is not short Welli still love you.

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This is what the generation leaving Egypt failed to internalize. And again. In a few weeks we will read Parshat Eikev, where Moses recounts the more of the miraculous events of the wilderness.

He tells of the food that sustained Israel through the years, the heavenly manna that formed on the earth daily. Moses expresses this in a curious fashion. Welli still love you obvious problem with this verse is that Moses describes the manna as a form of torture.

We would never have associated the manna with suffering and affliction. It was a great gift, allowing our ancestors to live with no worry of sustenance for decades in the wilderness.

How can this be seen as an affliction? Rabbi Berel Wein explains that we must imagine ourselves living under such circumstances.

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Who keeps their pantry and freezer empty these days? We all have plenty of stocked non-perishables, Welli still love you we replenish this well in advance of it running out. We would never visit the supermarket daily and purchase what we need just for the day.

We stockpile. If we relied on the postman to deliver our meals daily we would be constantly worrying.

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It would take a long time to get used to this lifestyle, and it would take perfect Welli still love you for the postman to demonstrate his reliability, because we would go hungry if he missed a day. What this generation had learned over the many years was that God was dependable. Learning this lesson was a painful exercise.

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They had to relinquish control. They had to allow their faith to assure them that tomorrow the manna would be delivered, that they would not go hungry. And the Lord never missed a beat.

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Morning after morning, week in week out, year after year, the manna was there for them. They learned to trust. You must be logged in to post a comment. Wellington Lights.

11 reasons I love Wellington (and the pictures that show it) running to work in the morning, you will always enjoy the wonderful ever changing. Sally Morrison redefined the phrase 'born into cricket' when she arrived into the world. She still has the newspaper clipping with a photo of her. Views here my own. Wellington, New Zealand . Did you take that picture? Amazing! 1 reply 0 just a standard Wellington commute ;-). 0 replies 0 retweets 0.

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