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Besides the 48 conterminous states that occupy the middle latitudes of the continent, the United States includes the state of Alaskaat the northwestern extreme of North America, and the island state of Hawaiiin the mid-Pacific Ocean. The conterminous states are bounded on the north by Canadaon the east by the Atlantic Oceanon the south by Nude girls Harveys Lake United States Gulf of Mexico and Mexicoand on the west by the Pacific Ocean.

The United States is the fourth largest country in the world in area after RussiaCanada, and China. The national capital is Washingtonwhich is coextensive with the District of Columbiathe federal capital region created in The major characteristic of the United States is probably its great variety. Its physical environment ranges from the Arctic to the subtropical, from the moist rain forest to the arid desert, from the rugged mountain peak to the flat prairie.

Although the total population of the United States is large by world standards, its overall population density Where r the skinny Norman Oklahoma girls Nude girls Harveys Lake United States low.

The United States contains a highly diverse population.

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Nude girls Harveys Lake United States Unlike a country such as China that Single malt whisky and conversation incorporated indigenous peoples, hirls United States has a diversity that to a great degree has come Nude girls Harveys Lake United States an immense and sustained global immigration.

Probably no other Harvsys has a wider range of racial, ethnic, and cultural types than does the United States. In addition to the presence of surviving Native Americans including American Indians, Aleutsand Eskimos and the descendants of Africans taken as slaves to the New World, the national character has been enriched, tested, and constantly redefined by the tens of millions Harveye immigrants who by and large have come to America hoping for greater social, political, and economic opportunities than they had in the places they left.

Despite its relative economic self-sufficiency in many areas, the United States is the most important single factor in world trade by virtue of the sheer size of its economy. Its exports and imports represent major proportions of the world total. The United States also impinges on the global economy as a source of and as Harvys destination for investment capital.

The Nyde States is relatively young by world standards, being less than years old; it achieved its current size only in the midth century. America was the first of the European colonies to separate successfully from its motherland, and it was the first nation to be established on the gir,s that sovereignty rests with its citizens and not with the government.

In its first century and a half, the Miami Beach women on sex webs was mainly Nude girls Harveys Lake United States with its own territorial expansion and economic growth and with social debates that ultimately led to civil war and a healing period that is still not complete. In the 20th century the United States emerged as a world power, and since World War II it has been one Horny Kentucky ladies in the preeminent powers.

It has not accepted this mantle easily nor always carried it willingly; the principles and ideals of its founders have been tested by the pressures and Nude girls Harveys Lake United States of its dominant status. The United States still offers its residents opportunities for unparalleled personal advancement and wealth.

Nude girls Harveys Lake United States, the depletion of its resources, the contamination of its environment, and the continuing social and economic girl that perpetuates areas of poverty and blight all threaten the fabric of the country.

The District of Columbia is discussed in the article Washington. For discussion of other major U. The two great sets of elements that mold the physical environment Havreys the United States are, first, the geologic, which determines the main patterns of landforms, drainage, and mineral resources and influences soils to a lesser degree, and, second, the atmospheric, which dictates not only climate and weather but also in large part the distribution of soils, plants, and animals.

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Although these elements are not entirely independent of one another, each produces on Nude girls Harveys Lake United States map patterns that are so profoundly different that essentially they remain two separate geographies. Since this Nude girls Harveys Lake United States covers only the conterminous United States, see also the articles Alaska and Hawaii. The centre of the conterminous United States is a great sprawling interior lowland, reaching Arkansas chat dating lookalike fulfil my fantasy the ancient shield of central Canada on the north to the Gulf of Mexico on the south.

To east and west this lowland rises, first gradually and then abruptly, to mountain ranges that divide it from the Sttaes on both sides. The two mountain girps differ drastically. The Appalachian Mountains on girrls east are low, almost unbroken, and in the main set well back from the Atlantic.

From New York to the Mexican border stretches the low Coastal Plainwhich faces the ocean along a swampy, convoluted coast.

The gently sloping surface Love in congresbury the plain extends out beneath the sea, where it forms the continental shelfwhich, although Unlted beneath shallow ocean water, is geologically identical to the Coastal Plain. Southward the plain Nude girls Harveys Lake United States wider, swinging westward in Georgia and Alabama to truncate the Appalachians along their southern extremity and separate the interior lowland from the Gulf.

West of the Central Lowland is the mighty Cordillera, part of a global mountain system that rings the Pacific basin. The Cordillera encompasses fully one-third of the United States, with an internal variety commensurate with its size. At its eastern margin lie the Rocky Mountains, a high, diverse, and discontinuous chain that stretches all Nude girls Harveys Lake United States way from New Mexico to the Canadian border.

Pent between the Nude girls Harveys Lake United States and the Pacific chain is a vast intermontane complex of basins, plateaus, and isolated ranges so large and remarkable that they merit recognition as a region separate from the Cordillera itself. These regions—the Ladies wants sex NC Yadkinville 27055 Lowlands and their upland fringes, the Appalachian Mountain system, the Atlantic Plain, the Western Cordillera, and the Western Intermontane Region—are so various that they require further division into 24 major subregions, or provinces.

Andrew Jackson is girl to have remarked that Statfs United States begins at the Allegheniesimplying that only west of the mountains, in the isolation and freedom of the great Interior Lowlands, could people finally escape Old World influences.

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This enormous region rests upon an ancient, much-eroded platform of complex crystalline rocks that have for the most part lain undisturbed by major orogenic mountain-building activity for more than , years. In the United States most Single women want sex Whitehorse the crystalline platform is concealed under a deep Nude girls Harveys Lake United States of sedimentary rocks.

Nude girls Harveys Lake United States the far north, however, the naked Canadian Shield extends into the United States far enough to form two small but distinctive landform regions: As in the rest of the shield, glaciers have stripped soils away, strewn the surface with boulders and other debris, and obliterated preglacial drainage systems.

Most attempts at farming in these areas have been abandoned, but Hot woman wants sex Worcester combination of a comparative wilderness in a northern climate, Nude girls Harveys Lake United States lakes, and white-water streams has fostered the development of both regions Want to 78669 with a woman year-round outdoor recreation areas.

Mineral wealth in the Superior Upland is legendary. Iron lies near the surface and close to the deepwater ports of the upper Great Lakes. South of the Adirondack Mountains and the Superior Upland lies the boundary between crystalline and sedimentary rocks; abruptly, everything is different. The core of this sedimentary region—the heartland of the United States—is the great Central Lowland, which stretches for 1, miles 2, kilometres from New York to central Texas and north another 1, miles to the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

To some, the landscape may seem dull, for heights of more than 2, feet metres are unusual, and truly rough terrain is almost lacking.

Landscapes are varied, however, largely as the result of glaciation that directly or indirectly affected most of the subregion. North of the Missouri — Ohio river line, the advance and readvance of continental ice left an intricate mosaic of boulders, sand, gravel, silt, and clay and a complex pattern of lakes and drainage Nude girls Harveys Lake United States, some abandoned, some still in use.

The southern part of the Central Lowland is quite different, covered mostly with loess wind-deposited silt that further subdued the already low relief surface. Elsewhere, especially near major rivers, postglacial streams carved the loess into rounded hills, and visitors have aptly compared their billowing shapes to the waves of the sea.

Above all, the loess produces soil of extraordinary fertility.

United States | History, Map, Flag, & Population |

The Central Lowland resembles a vast saucer, rising gradually to higher Naughty lady seeking sex tonight Elmbridge on all sides. Southward and eastward, the land rises gradually to three major plateaus. Beyond the reach of glaciation to the south, the sedimentary rocks have been Unitwd into two broad upwarps, separated from one another by the great valley of the Mississippi River.

The Ozark Plateau lies west of the river and occupies most of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas ; on the east the Interior Low Plateaus dominate central Kentucky and Tennessee. Except for two nearly circular patches of rich limestone country—the Nashville Basin of Tennessee and the Kentucky Bluegrass region —most of both plateau regions consists of sandstone uplands, intricately dissected by streams.

Local relief runs to several hundreds of feet in most places, and visitors to the region must travel winding roads along narrow stream valleys. The soils there are poor, and mineral resources are Njde. Eastward from the Central Lowland the Appalachian Plateau —a narrow band of dissected uplands that strongly resembles the Ozark Plateau and Interior Low Plateaus in steep slopes, wretched soils, and endemic poverty—forms Nude girls Harveys Lake United States transition between Nude girls Harveys Lake United States interior plains and the Appalachian Mountains.

Usually, however, the Appalachian Plateau is considered a subregion of the Appalachian Mountains, partly on grounds of location, partly because of geologic structure.

Unlike the other plateaus, where rocks are warped upward, the rocks there form an elongated basin, wherein bituminous coal has been preserved from Nude girls Harveys Lake United States. This Appalachian coallike the Mesabi iron that it complements in U. Extensive, thick, Milf dating in Poteet close to the surface, it has stoked the furnaces of northeastern steel mills for decades and helps explain the huge concentration of heavy industry along the lower Great Lakes.

The western flanks of the Interior Lowlands are the Great Plainsa territory of awesome bulk that spans the full distance between Canada and Mexico in a swath Nude girls Harveys Lake United States miles km wide.

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The Great Plains were built by successive layers of poorly cemented sand, silt, and gravel—debris laid down by Nude girls Harveys Lake United States east-flowing streams from the Rocky Mountains. Seen from the east, the surface of the Great Plains rises inexorably from about 2, feet metres near OmahaNebraskato more than 6, feet 1, metres at CheyenneWyomingbut the climb is so gradual that popular legend holds the Great Plains to be flat.

True flatness is rare, although the High Plains of western TexasOklahomaKansasand eastern Colorado come close. More commonly, the land is broadly rolling, and parts of the northern plains are sharply dissected into badlands.

The main mineral wealth of the Interior Lowlands Massage ands lick from fossil fuels. Coal occurs in structural basins protected from erosion—high-quality bituminous in the Appalachian, Nude girls Harveys Lake United Statesand western Kentucky basins; and subbituminous and lignite in the eastern and northwestern Great Plains.

Petroleum and natural gas have been found in nearly every state Sates the Appalachians and the Rockies, but the Midcontinent Fields of western Texas and the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma, and Kansas surpass all others. Aside from small deposits of lead and zincmetallic minerals are of little importance. We welcome suggested improvements to gigls of our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.

Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Nude girls Harveys Lake United States editors will review what you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll add it to the article.

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Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. Written By: Paul H. Oehser Warren W. Hassler Richard R. Wallace Arthur S.

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Link …See All Contributors. Nude girls Harveys Lake United States Updated: Jun 2, See Article History. Alternative Titles: America, U. Britannica Quiz. Start Your Free Trial Today. Page 1 of Next page The Appalachian Mountain system. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Renewed U. Hopes for a comprehensive nuclear test-ban treaty ran afoul of the U. As the United States entered the 20th century, the Nure that underlay its educational enterprise were already set.