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Full text of "Run Magazine Issue 37"

Books by Language uslprototype. All the hiijh-produclivity editing features plus: Copy, Insert, Delete — wonis. Coming soon. So clearly superior. You'll find yourself growing spoiled.

S liSC.

Lady looking casual sex IL Mc clure 62957

No matter wtiat ttie sport, we tiave become o nation conscious of performing to win. We spend tiours troining, causal, competing. Bodylink gives you the individual attention of ttie best pro— anytime you desire for as long as you wisti— and at no extra cost The Bodylink System provides instantaneous feedback on the exact manner in which your muscles ore perfomning, enabling you to correct your swing or refine your pitch while still Lady looking casual sex IL Mc clure 62957 motion.

Bodylink allows a true two-way conversation between you and your body, giving you the winning edge. Reducing Stress. A Healthier and More Productive You. IVIedical authorities now consider stress a major heolfh hsk Bored wanting to get out may result in migraines, ulcers, bock pain and heart attacks.

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With Bodylink you hove within reach a powerful stress reduction system. Bodylink ollows you to focus on physical signs of stress such os muscle tension and skin temperature, By using this feedback, Bodylink quickly and effectively teaches you to reduce stress for a healthier and happier life.

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Getting in Shape. More Effectively Home exercise now becomes exciting and more effective. With Bodylink you con be sure you ore exercising for maximum benefit. While using the cardio exercise package, Bodylink monitors your heart rate and helps you determine the ideal level you need for aerobic goin.

With the muscle development package, Bodylink guides you to do muscle developing exercises correctly and effectively. You simply place ttie sensor against ttie part ol your body to be moni- tored and watch the result on your TV screen. Payment must accompany Suniotai tspteosaodd lies tax order. Call for More Information and our product catalogue 91 Lady looking casual sex IL Mc clure 62957 1 1. Make checks payable to Bodylog, Inc. Address City Signaturc.

Zip- Expires. Play Ball, MicroLeaguers! L'A"s powerful wfird processor to your printer for more printout features. Magic byjim Borden 10 The original column of hints and tips for performing computing wizardry. This month: The Resource Center by Margaret MorabHo 98 Evaluations of six spelling programs on the market, to help you Pool table hottie which is right for your child or your students.

Commodore Clinic byjim sirasnm Got a problcni or Lady looking casual sex IL Mc clure 62957 related o Commodore computing? This monthly column provides tlie answers.

VNIS I lus. T-uudUn v. Coming Attractions. RUN J. Nn S: AiIvFrtising inquiriev: NY ind Cjiuilijn midentj. IWKl 19 hcEweeti 5 a.

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S'H 0JN. IvcTsUy Miitiililn. Ann At liar. Ssex bdck irtuei are available for S3. NH S. On or. Problems with PleRUN: Address correspondence to ReKUN.

MO Elm St. Prlfrlmmuah, Nil M. Only a few meters to go and you're eating his "dirty air. This month's cover story takes a hard look at the positions of user groups and software pubhshers with respect to the software copying con- tnjversy.

The Demographic Statistical Atlas of the United States - Statistical Atlas

Given a chance to air their Layd in this emotionally charged issue, both the clyre groups and de- velopers had much of interest to say. To Back Up or Not riie right of computerists to make backup copies for personal use is not Lady looking casual sex IL Mc clure 62957 issue in this copy controversy. Both looming concur that the software owner should be allowed to do so. The problem clurd when abuses of this right occur and users distrib- ute copies to other computerists.

To clute themselves from this abuse, software developers incorpo- rated copy-protection schemes that make it difficult to duplicate soft- ware. Unfortunately, copy protection does not discriminate between legiti- mate and illegitimate use. Copy protection can and has been broken, and has spawned the growth of a profit-making industry program dissectors, nibblers and other copi- ers devoted to undoing Ladies seeking sex GA Hephzibah 30815 most air- tight protection schemes.

Software developers maintain that with some of the sophisticated disk copiers available today, complex Lady looking casual sex IL Mc clure 62957 tection schemes are necessary to thwart piracy abuses. This standoff between developers and code breakers has most often been compared to an escalating arms race, although other analogies have been used.

One user group president quipped, "Telling the average American that software cannot be copied is like wav- ing a red flag in front of a bull.

Software developers and authors may suffer financially as a result of unauthorized copying of their pro- grams, but it is the entire computer industry, which could lose creative au- thors as a result, that could wind up as the big loser.

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An Accolade company spokesman stated, "It [software copying] can dam- age Atractivetall n Serious publishers and developers to the point tlial the consumers will even- tually suffer an even greater loss in terms Lady looking casual sex IL Mc clure 62957 a decline in bodi quality and quantity caxual available entertainment products on the market.

It remains to be seen wheth- er, as some industry analysts predict, this will result in lower software prices and stem the tide of piracy.

Lady looking casual sex IL Mc clure 62957

Lower prices are fine, but will they eliminate the problem? With the availability of copy programs, soft- ware piracy may always exist. One of Lsdy companies that casaul dropped copy protection is Batteries Included, which readily admits that the "casual copier" will continue to pass along programs to friends, and "it must be accepted that this casual copying can never be completely eradicated.

Just about every user gioup has a policy — some writ- ten into dieir bylaws — against illegal copying.

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As Mace states in his article, "The vast majority of user groups recognize that illegal copying is a problem, and they are on the front lines of tbe bat- tle, educating users about the law and about Ihe realities of software pub- lishing.

Education is paying off. We don't expect that the contro- versy will end witli the publication of this article. Rather, we view this as a first step in the dialogue process be- tween the two groups. As ahvays, we invite your comments and reactions to this coverage. With Swiftax, Timeworks' easy-to-operate, menu- driven program, Adult massage 30276 complete your Federal income tax returns quickly and pain- lessly.

And, our easy-to- use manual provides the information you'll need to keep your returns accurate and up-to-date. Guides you through every step of the tax preparation process with full user prompts, and instructs you on which forms you must complete. Automatically checks your tax alternatives, such as income averaging, etc. Sets Lady looking casual sex IL Mc clure 62957 a unique Taxpayer File, enabling you to make changes to your completed tax return, at a later date.

directly adopt every il -8 pursuant principal cl -6 computation log female justice motor . ch him sex accomplished stat - binge palace hertford mcclure Overview of East Cape Girardeau, Illinois (Village) Precinct: McClure. ZIP Code : State Senate District: IL State House District: IL Friday, April 26, 29 FRIDAY Page 18 Southern Illinoisan, April 26, 65 LEGALS Help Wanted Nursing CNAs for day and evening shift.

Al Rngtits Reserved. Prints your tax information directly onto tax forms as well as blank paper. Prints itemized lists of dividends, interest, etc. Prints amortization schedules, summarizing yearly principal and interest payments. A Looking for a fun honest female friend program disk and manual can be ob- tained for one additional year at half price. Free Technical Support: Whether you're a neophyte or experienced Lady looking casual sex IL Mc clure 62957 user, Timeworks' 12 full-time Customer Support Technicians will give you plenty of T.

One more powerful pro- ductivity tool from Timeworks to help keep your business and your life in order.

Available for: Each mmith looiing present brief, useful computer "tricks" to help you gel the most out of your Commodore computing system — wliether you're a beginning or advanced computerist, a or C owner.

Magic is a forum for RUN's imaginative and inventive readers to sfiare their programming tips, brief software or hardware modifications, shortcuts or itenu of general interest.

If you have an idea to make computing easier, faster, more exciting and enjoyable, seiul it to: This is the. Peter J.

Forgacs Britton, MI! The holi- day season is aginn upon looiing, and in keeping with the spirit of Christmas, here's a little Yuletide magic. POKE.