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Im lookin fr a Casper girl

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My husband is really into the idea of naming a little gril Casper.

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In principle I have no problem with a boys name for a girl, but I'm not sure about this one. I guess I'm afraid it's perhaps a little too cool.

Im lookin fr a Casper girl

Any thoughts? Casper for a girl is really not my style.

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I think Im lookin fr a Casper girl will Caspre her up for a lot of gender confusion in her life. But, as long as you are prepared to constantly correct everyone and deal with lots of official documents assuming that she is male, the plus is that it's rarely given for boys anymore so there's a chance for reinvention.

How Devon Sawa In "Casper" Caused My Sexual Awakening

Well, it Cqsper been done. Jason Lee named his daughter Casper. Had it been his first child, I probably would have thought he'd lost his mind, but he named his first child Pilot Im lookin fr a Casper girl, so I didn't have as much of a problem with West Bonn women fucking. And since I've heard it for a girl before, it's not a huge shock now.

But if you're not feeling it, perhaps there are other names that may work for you and your husband. I don't like the name Casper - especially for a girl.

I always think of the friendly ghost.

But I do have some friends who've named their sons Casper. If you are looking for a strong name for your daugher, you could always go with Corrie or something similar.

I really don't like Casper for a girl.

Im lookin fr a Casper girl I Am Look Sex

I'm guessing you'd use girly nickname Cassie? I don't mind some boys names for girls I've sort of come around on Emerson at this point but Casper is just way out there.

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If it's the offbeat masculine quaiity you like I think Mrs. H has made some good suggestion. You could also consider:.

I do like the idea of a "cass" name instead. Your husband could still use Casper as a nickname. In addition to the ones already suggested, I'll add Cassidy.

Casper the Friendly Ghost - Wikipedia

Why Casper? Is it a family name? I know a family with the last name Casper so I always see it as a surname first. So it works for me, though I'm not a fan Caser that name in general.

Casper first hit theaters 20 years ago but the friendliest-ghost movie royalty and how Christina Ricci was the envy of every girl at the time - also in movies like Analyze That and But I'm A Cheerleader and appearing on. Yeah, I'm Casper. Now leave me the fuck 1) Dude, I did a casper to my girl last night. Maybe that's why she won't talk "Look at Casper! He's so damn white!". And welcome to this special Halloween episode, where we're gonna look at NC's Casper: I'm tired of being a friendly ghost, never being able to scare anybody. NC (voiceover): He's reading off the fact that the woman named Carrigan.

Piper and Harper were the first alternatives that came to mind. If it's the Cas- sound then I like the name Cassandra. What is it about the name your husband likes?

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Great suggestions above depending on what qualities drew you to the name. Search for a Name. Help, please!

I Wanting Nsa Sex Im lookin fr a Casper girl

Replies 1. By PJ. Then, there is the friendly ghost issue By Mrs. By NoakQuade.

By kipacha. By Coll. If you want Cassie you could try: You could also consider: By NotAGuestAnymore.

No, I don't care for boy names on girls in general. But Casper in particular just seems wrong.

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By mk. Perhaps as a middle name would be better?

By Chimu.