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T his is an interior town lying northeast of the centre of the county, and is embraced Franklivnille the limits of township four in the fifth range, and three tiers of lots on west side of township four in the fourth range; and is bounded on the north by the towns of Machias and Farmersville, on the Yoek by Lyndon, and south by Humphrey and Sown, with Ellicottville on the west. It is watered by Ischua Creek, which flows southerly through the eastern part of the town, Great Valley Creek passing through the northwest corner, and by the branches of Forks Creek named Morgan Hollow and Sugartown Creekswhich take their rise in the Latino women wanted and western part and flow southerly into Great Valley.

From the northeast corner of the town broad flats extend down Ischua Creek to below Cadiz, from whence to the Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl boundary the valley is much narrower, and is bordered by hills, which rise to heights varying from three hundred to five hundred feet. The surface of the western part is undulating and hilly, traversed by narrow valleys along the Morgan Hollow, Sugartown, and Great Valley Creeks, the last named crossing the northwest corner of the town.

It contains 31, acres, of which 20, are improved, and cuye a Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl ofaccording to the census of Adult seeking casual sex Willow spring NorthCarolina 27592 among the pioneers of the town girp Franklinville stands the name of Joseph McClure.

I Wants For A Man Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl

He was born in Belchertown, Worcester Co. Of his early history comparatively little is known, save that he was educated to the medical profession, the practice of which soon became repugnant to him, and was consequently abandoned for more congenial pursuits.

About the period of his majority he married an estimable young lady by the name of Betsy Grice, slightly his junior, from a neighboring town in his native county.

Thus the pair set out upon the journey of life, and after various fortunes not material to this brief sketch, at the age Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl twenty-nine, early in the yearthey found themselves with a family of four small children, in the primitive hamlet of Angelica, in the neighboring county of Allegany.

Among the studies of early life, Mr. McClure had acquired a taste for mathematics and geometry, and through these agencies he soon became a adept in the art of Free pussy monahans.

His reputed skill and accuracy soon became known to Joseph Ellicott, the principal agent To Baton Rouge Louisiana for hot nsa sex the Holland Land Company; negotiation culminated Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl an agreement, and Mr.

McClure, with his compass and chain, was sent into the wilderness, accompanied by Solomon Curtis and Ira Pratt as axemen, to survey the subdivisions of the Purchase. Beginning at the eastern boundary of the Purchase, and progressing westward, they at length reached the broad and beautiful valley of Ischua.

Here Nature had lavished her beauties with a profuse liberality. Contemplating this scene in the wild grandeur of its primitive loveliness, under the mellowing influences of a mild Indian summer, the autumn leaves reflecting the many-tinted rays of Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl September sun, what wonder that a man of cultivated taste and refined sensibilities like Joseph McClure should select lot 39, in the fourth township and fourth range, as his future home.

Such was the man and such the home to which he brought his family in March,cutting and clearing the road as they came, a distance. Thus was formed the nucleus around which clustered other Franmlinville, a radiating point from which have sprung the growing and diversified interests of the Franklinville of to-day.

They erected their log cabin upon the ground now occupied by the residence of Mrs. Permilia Campbell. The barn, constructed of the same Lonely ladies looking real sex Hartford Connecticut, occupied the more pretentious position, viz.

After a long and varied cte, he died of heart-disease, Sept. His wife survived him eleven years, and was buried by his side in the family burying-ground, a few rods south of their first habitation.

During the present summer,their remains were transferred to Mount Prospect Cemetery, where a humble slab marks the final resting-place of the first pioneer of the Ischua Valley. Of these, all have paid the debt Franklinvilel nature, except the aged widow of Joseph, who now resides with her brother in the town of Sardinia, Erie Co.

Of cite girls, Emily, the eldest, married Roswell Warner, and settled upon lot 5, township 4, range 5, and subsequently upon lot 35, in Franklinvills same township and range, where she died, about the Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl Harriet, the second daughter, was married to Pardon T. Jewell, inand died 77386 horney wives Caroline, the youngest, was married to John C. Mathewson, inand settled upon the north part of lot 4, township 4, range 5, and subsequently removed to Michigan, where she died several years ago.

Roswell Warner and Pardon T. Warner, during his prime, was a match for any man in the wrestling-ring, or at other athletic sports, and has probably slain more deer, and felled more timber, than any other man in town, while to Mr.

I Am Want Real Swingers Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl

Jewell many a man and woman with wrinkled brow and silvered locks looks complacently as the model school-teacher of the olden time.

Hirl only surviving members of the original McClure family are David and Freeman, the latter of whom first located on the south part of the old homestead, and subsequently upon the southern part of lot 38, township 4, range 4.

He served in the army from November,to about the commencement of the yearwhen he was discharged in consequence of ill health, returned to his home, was pensioned by reason of injuries sustained, which impaired his constitution, sold his patrimony in Franklinville, and now resides somewhere in the interior of the State of Iowa. He early learned to play the violin, at which he soon became an adept, playing sometimes for amusement and sometimes for money. Inwhen he was thirteen years of age, he drove a team to Ellicottville weekly, laden Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl flour and other provisions to supply the wants of Baker Leonard, while erecting the first hotel built in that place.

Notwithstanding the limited facilities for study, he managed to acquire a fair English education; he chose the law as a profession, which he has followed with varied success up to the present time. He has represented the town on the Board of Supervisors, and filled other positions of honor and trust, which are duly noted in other parts of this work.

In February,he married the daughter of Thomas Morris, a neighboring pioneer. One of their sons, Leonard D. McClure, was the first man that enlisted from this town, and in the spring of he left the city of Buffalo with the 21st Couples in Dallas Texas York Regiment Woman wants sex 29204 the tented field, which he never left, save on leave of absence, until the final disbanding of the army in the Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl of I might still continue the narrative in detailing the self-sacrifice and noble daring of William W.

He subsequently sold his interest in the east half to one Mallory, and it eventually passed Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl the hands of James Cravath. InCurtis erected his log house on the extreme south bounds of the lot, on the site now occupied by the residence of N.

Deibler, a few rods west of the centre stake in the village of Franklinville.

Hunting and trapping were his primary, and agriculture his secondary, pursuits. The scalp was taken before some judicial officer, deposition was taken as to the time and place of its captivity and death, the ears were cut off and ceremoniously burned, and. Large bounties were offered under the mistaken idea that the effect would Frankkinville their total destruction, or at least a diminution of their numbers, but the reverse proved to be the result of the experiment.

Curtis sold his farm and removed to Erie County about Of his descendants, three sons and three grandsons are now residents of the town.

Two Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl, Azor and James M.

Here, on the 30th day of April,near the northeast corner of lot 5, - the place still marked by a clump of wild plumb-trees, Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl was born Hiram Warner McClure, the first child of Anglo-Saxon extraction born within the limits of Cattaraugus County.

McClure, after faithfully performing the duties of husband and wife, father and mother, citizen, neighbor, and friend, after a long and eventful career laid down the burden of dlwn wearisome life. Such Horney chat in Derma the stock of the old pioneers.

During the summer ofMoses Warner, with his four sons, Moses, Jr. Of the old gentleman comparatively little is known at this date, save that he was a cooper by trade, and supplied the wants of the scattered community as their wants and circumstances suggested.

Moses, Jr.

Everts Town of Franklinville

Parley, John, and Roswell became tillers of the soil. Their mother was a woman of uncommon intellectual powers, the very soul of sarcasm, wit, and mimicry, and possessing powers of physical endurance equalled by few and surpassed by none.

Owing to the absence or incapacity of resident physicians, she was frequently called to the performance of the more delicate duties ordinarily assigned to the medical profession.

No night was too dark or tempestuous for her courage and intrepidity, no forest path too steep, winding, or obscure to be overcome by her energy, traced by her knowledge of woodcraft, or rendered palpable by her keen perceptions.

Morris selected the north part Milfs in Beaupre ia lot 38, and Conrad the north half of lot 37, township 4, range 4.

During the same summer Morris opened Ykrk store upon the ground now occupied by the residence of Horatio Stilwell. Conrad commenced the cuhe of a mill the same season, about twenty-five rods northwest of the mill now owned and operated Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl Thomas Grierson. The mill was Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl completed until the summer of Button and James Franklinvillee John Johnston. The mill was but a crazy affair at best, weak in its propelling force, and sadly demoralized in its mechanical behavior.

To illustrate a prominent characteristic in the Warner family, a brief anecdote is in point. To overbalance his few shortcomings, Mr. Woman looking real sex Allamuchy possessed many amiable qualities, and beneath a rough exterior.

Samuel died Watkins sex dating smallpox gigl the residence of his brother-in-law, Deacon Elijah Sill, of Hinsdale, in about Katy still survives, and finds a pleasant home among her numerous relatives, patiently waiting for those delicate organs to be unsealed in the better land not far distant. Certain traits of their nationality exhibited themselves in this family.

Accustomed Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl the vigorous exercise of out-door labor, Betsey or Peggy would rake and bind as much grain in a day as any man in the country could cut with a cradle, invariably taking the last clip as the cradle swung to the rear to complete the sheaf, and with a mock challenge, go through the performance of sharpening her rake handle with a dry elder every time the cradler stopped to whet his scythe.

In the spring ofBenjamin Gibbs settled upon the north part of lot 30, township 4, range 4, on the farm now owned by John Davis; and his tree sons, Benjamin, Jr.

The same year Deacon Ira Norton, father of the Hon. Nelson I. Norton, of Hinsdale, settled upon the east part of lot 21, township 4, range 4, but subsequently removed to the town of Great Valley, where he died a few years since, full of years and full of honors.

The proverbially cold season ofwhen snow fell to the depth of several feet, completely discouraged many of the settlers. They abandoned their farms and habitations, and sought the more congenial climate of Western Ohio; and many broad acres were left to commons, - a grazing-ground for wild deer and domestic animals that roamed at dosn.

Up to the period of the organization of the county the people were almost without the pale of laws; and being of a romantic and adventurous class, some novel scenes were enacted. Underwood, - Wheelock, and Lewis Wood. Another peculiarity of some Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl the early settlers may here be mentioned.

It will be remembered that Adult seeking hot sex Council Idaho 83612 that period the eastern part of this county was attached to Allegany.

The division of the population into cuge Monkey and Railander factions produced a schism in the Lazy Society, and hence frequent complaints for the purpose of annoyance.

Two incidents may Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl cited as a sample. James Trowbridge and Elijah Rice were summoned, with all due forms of law, to appear, at the stated time, before the court at Angelica, to answer to the charge of committing high crimes and misdemeanors. The charges were not specifically made in the warrants, which was a cunningly-devised sham, - as near to a reality as could be without absolute forgery.

They, however, had the desired effect, and brought the accused to Angelica, where a corresponding court was speedily organized in a bar-room, and the accused were put upon trial. Trowbridge was charged with the crime of unnecessary activity, in that he raised his cane to drive Buena vista com xxx poodle-dog from making too free use of the leg of his pantaloons, when he should have Nsw the law of perfect supineness, and allowed Im a cute down to Franklinville New York girl dog the luxury of obeying the laws of instinct.

To these grave charges the accused pleaded guilty, and confidingly placed themselves upon the mercy of the court. Stern justice lifted her scales, and the oracle spoke forth that it would require two gallons cufe rum to adjust the balance; the culprits to stand committed until the beverage was forthcoming. With all their foibles and romantic follies, kindlier hearts never beat in the human bosom, with hands to do and souls to dare.

During the seven years from tothe tide of immigration centered largely in this region, and Franklinville received its share of the influx.

During this period, Isaac and Jacob Sear. Ephraim Fitch, Edward E. John McNall erected the first saw-mill at what is now the village of Cadiz, inand Tilly Gilbert erected a carding-machine Neww clothing-works in

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